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Larry Bell

A little time  ago , due to family circumstances , I had to take on the care and riding of a handsome 17 hand  Holstiener called Roley, Carawda -Z , a very talented but spooky horse and being at best a happy hacker I asked advise from those on my yard  who knew of these matters .

The advise I got was to get rid of him  hes to much for you “, “ he will be the death of you , usual stuff but every one funnily had a friend that would take him off me though . So the only way was to get on and find out ,Roley didnt put a foot wrong but that couldnt be said for me and it  became very obvious  that I was very over horsed  with no where to turn but not willing to give up .Then I had a stroke of luck , I was given Toris phone number . She came, she saw, she got on said there was nothing wrong with him and the rest is history.

From that day on Tori has been teaching us, not just to get a result, not just to compete but to be a partnership.  Its not been easy; as a more mature student with more bad habits than you could shake a riding crop at her patience has been tested. But her talent always comes through; her ability to change the lesson to suit the needs of the combination she is teaching is quite remarkable, there is passion, compassion and respect. As an older man starting late as a rider its very easy not to be taken seriously , Ive even heard it said , Ah bless him at least hes trying ,well thats some thing I dont have with Toris training I always get the feeling I am worth teaching

The only way I can describe Toris way of teaching is to say that its not just teaching, its guidance every moment of the lesson   

I have gone from being over horsed and to be honest, a little scared, to getting ready to compete and enjoying every moment with Roley however there is a much more important point, due to Toris approach to teaching I didnt make the biggest mistake of my life and sell Roley , he is my friend, my best friend and for that I will always be grateful.

Larry Bell & Roley

Sarah Docherty


“Tori, we just wanted say a huge thank you for your help and support with our youngster Brodie. Your clear and precise way of teaching, and fantastic manner with Brodie has meant that the penny has finally dropped, and I’m starting to understand exactly what I should be doing! He has just competed in his first ever dressage test, and was placed 1st out of 14 entrants, with wonderful comments from the judge!! We are absolutely delighted!! Five weeks ago, I would never have even dreamt of taking him to a ridden show. And now he has excelled himself. We really couldn’t have done it without you – thank you so, so much”

Sarah & Simon – Cheshire

Jane Fraser

jane fraser

Monty and I have been having lessons with Tori for a couple of years now, and she has made a tremendous difference to my riding and Monty’s way of going. Monty has always been a superstar in my eyes, but under Tori’s guidance we have progressed from very happy hackers to getting some respectable scores in our local dressage comps. Tori has been unfailingly enthusiastic and supportive and we usually giggle our way through the lessons. She’s also seen us through a couple of sticky patches when Monty mysteriously lost his usual cool and I almost mislaid my bottle. Best of all, she’s as happy to work with me and my cuddly plodder as she is with the high-flyers of the dressage world, bringing out the best in me and my best pal!

Neil Wishart


I purchased a beautiful Lusitano mare with Tori’s help in September of 2009. Xaruga was six and had been ridden very little before I bought her. I hadn’t had a riding lesson for nearly 20 years and may have picked up the odd bad habit or two!

Tori’s patient teaching and methodical explanations of why things are going wrong mean that at the end of each lesson I know what I need to do before my next lesson. Every week I see an improvement in both the horse and my riding and always look forward to my next lesson.

In May 2010 we won our first ever outing at dressage, scoring 65% and competed in the Lusitano class at the Royal Windsor Horse show. Tori Peter has made a big change to my riding for the better and I have nothing but praise for her teaching. Brilliant
As a bonus to all of this the Tori Peter teaching has made me lose three and a half stone in weight… most excellent.

Laura Bennet

About 3 years ago I bought a new pony, Tom. We first met Tori at a training camp and I instantly loved her way of teaching and the improvements that were made in such a short space of time of her knowing us. From then on we started having regular lessons and we went from unaffiliated Prelim right up to affiliated Medium level, all thanks to Tori’s teachings. We also got onto the BYRDS (British Young Riders Dressage Scheme) Inter-regional and Home International teams. I never would have imagined being able to represent England if it weren’t for Tori. We have also attended regionals, premier leagues, Petplans and the Sheepgate U25’s competition. Tori teaches in such a fun and enthusiastic way with patience and the horse’s enjoyment for this sport at the forefront, making it interesting for not just the rider but the horse too. The horse never feels forced into doing anything, instead with Tori, they end up working for you as a rider and we always have a laugh in the process.
laura x


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Liv Sword

Larry Bell

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