Walford College Demo

Wow, what a great evening we had and soo many spectators!!!

Hosted by Shrewsbury Riding Club at the wonderful Walford Equine College.

This was a great opportunity to show the riders currently in training with me just how I use all the techniques that I’m currently teaching them and to have a little fun too!

The evening started with Preston, my 7 year old Belgium gelding who worked his way though his training levels to finish with Piaffe and single changes. He hasn’t been an easy horse as a youngster but he is really showing some exciting work now and I believe that he will reach Grand Prix……..lets hope.

Next on was Nicola Shipp riding her own horse Connor. Having never seen Nicki ride her horse before this evening, it was a great opportunity to show everyone how to sit back observe and then work on something  that can help the horse and rider improve their partnership and in turn improve their dressage scores. Connor worked really well with Nicki to improve his transitions using more of her seat and core rather than her hands. I also showed Nicki some techniques to help supple and relax Connor at the beginning of his work and also how to help him cope with the atmosphere. I don’t think we could have chosen a better demo combination for the evening as they both helped everyone gain a few more training tools.

Last on was the one and only Sueste, my Lusitano Stallion….AKA “Eric Morecambe” Sueste has never done a BD Competition as yet but we are working at improving all of his Grand Prix movements which he graciously demonstrated for us all. Although we worked on Piaffe and Passage as well as other movements, it was his Spanish Walk the stole the show.

A big thank you goes to Shrewsbury Riding Club, Walford College Staff, Sue Keirnan and especially to Lois Ellis-Briggs for bringing the whole evening and days training together.


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