UKCC Level 3 Coach

November 4th

Today I passed my assessment to become a UKCC level 3 Dressage Specific Coach.  This has been 10 months of  hard work and serious progression! I am very proud of myself and I am sure my pupils will benefit from my new coaching skills.

What is UKCC?

As part of a national initiative to standardise and benchmark the quality of sports coaching in the UK, the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) has been introduced, and will ultimately be tailored to meet the needs of all sports.

Equestrian, including dressage, is in the first set of 21 priority sports to be putting the UKCC into practice. The aim is for the UKCC to be recognised as a mark of safe, quality coaching, as well as providing a clear, structured path for personal improvement for coaches.

The UKCC has a general framework of four levels of coach.

Level 1 is for assistant coaches and is generic for the different equestrian disciplines.
Levels 2 and 3 are dressage specific coaching qualifications, Level 2 being for people delivering a coaching session alone and Level 3 for coaches delivering an annual development programme.
Level 4 is still under development.
UKCC Level 3 
Fully autonomous (independent) coach; role model at County/Regional level. Can plan, deliver, analyse and review annual programmes of rider development.
For level 3 you will need to submit a portfolio that will show evidence that you can:
Performance Profile two riders at Advanced Medium level
Complete Learning Style Questionnaires for two riders
Goal Set for Riders
Prepare an Annual Plan for Two Riders
Produce 8 x Linked Session Plans
Produce Risk Assessments
Show in a practical assessment that you can:-
Assess and analyse the way of Going of Horses
Use Appropriate Delivery Style
Manage a Safe Coaching Environment
Show Knowledge of Training Horses and Riders to Advanced Medium Level
Prepare a Rider for Competition at Advanced Medium Level
Improve Riders Performance
Give Feedback to Riders on their Performance


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