Team GB 2008

September 2008. Tori and Sueste, represented GB in Sardinia as part of the Working Equitation Team. This was Tori’s first year at competing in working equitation and the selectors thought they made the grade to deserve a place in the team. So off they travelled along with a couple go junior team members, to enjoy the European championships 2008. The working equitation competition is divided into 3 phases which are designed to test horse and rider through a range of activities. It combines flatwork movements and obstacle tests, inviting horse and rider to deal with a number of obstacles similar to those encountered when riding and working in the fields. At international level a 4th phase is included in the competition-this comprises a cattle penning test. Overall, the competition aims to promote good horsemanship, and a level of submission and control of the horse. Working equitation can be enjoyed all year round, by riders and spectators alike, indoors or outdoors, and within the confines of an artificial surface riding arena. Working Equitation began as a competition in 1996 with the first European Championships taking place that year in Italy. It is now a recognized sport in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, USA, Czech Republic and Austria. The sport is governed worldwide by WAWE (World Association of Working Equitation). Working Equitation UK is a founder member of WAWE. WAWE rules govern all international competitions. However each of the member countries has its own particular working equitation body which sets the rules for national competition. Currently working equitation is recognized by the National Equestrian Federations in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico and France. Tori and Sueste finished 16th in Europe and was the second highest placed rider in the GB Team in 2008.

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