Coaching Achievements 2014

Coaching Achievements 2014

Liv Sword 2nd Novice Restricted Winter Champs 2013

Liv Sword 13th BD Winter Champs 2013

The Shropshire Stars awarded BRONZE medal at the Team Quest finals!

Sue Keirnan gets to the BD Nationals 2014

Sue Keirnan wins Elementary Restricted Class at Area Festival 

Aqua Rask 2nd Novice at Area Festival

Tracy Johnson 8th Novice restricted at Area Festival

Eliza Yeardley 12th Badmington Grass Roots Finals

Sue Keirnan reserve champion Pet Plan Finals 2015

Samantha Jimmison gets to the Nationals 2015

Here are just a few of my riders achievements 2014, I am exceptionally proud of all my riders and helping them reach their goals is very much my my Focus as a Coach. Well done all!

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